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Our Philosophy

Production of exceptional wine is never a certainty. Even if the fruit comes from such preeminent growing appellations as the Russian River Valley, Sonoma Coast, and Los Carneros, careful focus and premier viticulture practices must unite with a deep-rooted passion to create the most individually stunning wines available. Lost Canyon Wines are a testament to this truly unique point of view.

The dream of Lost Canyon Winery materialized out of a passionate desire to harness the enchantingly distinctive characteristics articulated by the famed terroir of the cooler Northern California appellations. Our aim is to craft wines that exemplify each of the distinct and fundamental attributes of this exceptional region by discovering the most evocative single-vineyards and nurturing their exceptional fruit into authentically unforgettable wine.

To accomplish this carefully designed ambition, we’ve chosen to allow each of the remarkable components derived from the finest single-vineyards emerge in their own right. For this reason, we opt to go without the heavy-handed and often muddying effects of blending multiple vineyards, which can twist and wrench the gracefulness out of the finished product. Our light and deliberate touch results in an emboldened display of terroir and a true manifestation of the delicate nuances inherent in each vineyard.

We've stripped down the ornate trappings of finicky winemaking and replaced it with crisp, clean, serious winemaking. To be sure, this is truly a pioneering and innovative methodology that showcases the eccentric characteristics specific to each individual vineyard’s personality. If you love wine that is dark but nervy, powerful and distinct, bright yet grounded, velvety and lush, layered and forever memorable, then the Lost Canyon collection of Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Chardonnay, is precisely what you are searching for. Welcome to the Lost Canyon.